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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You Wrote That

You wrote that
you were lonely that
she was gone that
time was dragging that
meant you were bored that
sometimes you think she should have stayed over that
night but of course she came to her senses when she saw that
your attention was divided (like a ready to serve apple pie that
is cut in six pieces) between her girlfriend that
should not have been there, but there she was over in that
corner, sipping a beer, looking perky and how could you resist that
temptation, even if it is only in the mind - that
should not have come between you two because that
was a secret that
you would never tell her because that
would be too cruel a betrayal, especially when you consider all that
you two have been through. But enough of all that
you were just hoping that
she would see your note posted or get your email or listen to the voice that
you left on her phone. You want her back because she is all that.

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