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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mysterious Woman

Magic in her fingertips, tiger by the tail
Wind whispers her desire - softly like cat fur
against your skin - and she waits
Flowing dreamlike on the edge of your perception
Is she there when you look or is it just a trick
An illusion of the ether - look again
and you see a trailing vapor - she is smoke
caught in the wind and  you feel her
on the back of your ear - feather touch
silken flower falls petal soft past your eyes
you feel for her - like a blind man
but it is she who has chosen you
that much you know, your flesh trembles
goose bumping its tingle and flash forward
up and down your entire being and you look
in the corner - no not there - where
and you feel the wind of her breath on your other ear
She is there within your soul, she has caught you
And she is not letting go. Her kiss is on your cheek
You feel her passion rising - she will give you what you want
But first you must do her bidding.

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