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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Science of Forgetting

Let us all be business-like cold and calculating, precise and prompt
We know what we want
we know how to get it
there is merely three steps to be taken
in due time, one after the other.
Time tested and well worn, the formula is familiar
Isolate the problem - tell her you need space
time to think things out, that sort of thing
Apply the Anti-dote - give her freedom for
some new things, sky is the limit, as long as they don't involve you
You are too busy bustling, picking up prospects and testing
Above all testing, for this is the solution
finding the right formula, finding the right one
Somebody who will give you all those things that are overdue
(you know what they are -  things she will never do)
the things that drive you crazy - the things that make you ache
Step three, the step that comes so easily to some, so hard to you
because you are sensitive to others, empatheticly pathetic
this is the step of all steps - you must put your foot down
Now pretend -
Nothing ever happen
Two souls destined to be entwined forever
Never did.
She touched your soul and made you think of heaven - NOT
No way, never met you, never did those things so deep
never ever sat down by your grave - never did weep.
Fake It Till You Make It and wipe it all away
Time takes everyone, bleaches their stains
leaves nothing but ash then wind takes that too.
Now it is done - we has become I - the only one.
 © Frank Coughlin May 2011

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