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Saturday, May 21, 2011

FuzzY Goddess Riding a Tiger With Too Many Hands

She is a fuzzy Goddess riding a tiger
She has too many hands
I cannot begin to tell you all that is
wrong with this picture
This tiger does not seem happy
For tigers do not carry women
especially ones with too many hands
She must be a Goddess
for I am attracted to her
I wonder what those hands could do
I wonder how she got on the tiger
Mounting seems out of the question
Probably floated down from heaven
Then Tiger looked back and said Oh no not you
not the one with too many hands, oh why me and
why do you have to be on me
Yet if it was me and not the tiger
I would say 'oh yay, she rides me today'
I would hope she did not have a whip
because On my back is where I want her to stay.
Poor Tiger seems in pain, most likely from the strain
Of an eight armed woman riding him in the rain
and thinking come tomorrow, she'll be riding him again
She the glowing Goddess with eight busy hands and nothing to say
He the poor tiger and me the one who happened to be in the way

© Frank Coughlin May 2011

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