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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Dark Side

Do you really want to be the one
left on the safe shore,
Do you really want to be the one
left behind.
We are moving to experimental phase,
exploring new worlds of the mind,
We are moving to places unexplored
talking powders with the best of them.
Everything you have known,
we are letting go of,
Everything you have been taught
we are rejecting.
Then we go off the cliff,
knowing we cannot fall
Then we go off on our merry way,
knowing nothing at all.
When the smoke cleared,
our eyes opened,
When the smoke yielded answers,
our eyes would not focus.
There is no way knowing
what lies on the dark side.
There is no way you are coming
back from the dark side.
Without losing,
Without gaining.
 Do you really want to be the one going ?
Do you really want to be the one staying ?

©Frank Coughlin May 2011

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