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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Woodland Dream

Wind gentles its way around
quiet interrupted by the moon
light dancing on the forest floor
of the things that come out in the night
I am one of them. Moonlight reveals me
even in these woods, thick and tall.
I, who is waiting, sit cross-legged in front
of the long dead fire. There is crackle and crunch -
leaves and twigs singing, the song of the approaching one.
Then she is there, besides me, stroking my hair,
whispering in my ear. I have waited for her,
but I do not give in to her charms - she cannot sway me
we both know that, yet she plays her game to the end move
A lesser man would go mad with desire, charmed by fairy magic
to his mortal end - this fate is not mine nor will it ever be.
She comes when I come - to the forest where we meet -
the crossroads of worlds, hers and mine - was here
we once merged, our hearts joined and magic was made,
was here she found her match in the mortal frame
was here she found her twin flame.
She has finished her dance of allure, her wordless speech,
showing me all I could have and would have if only . . .
But it is not today that we will end together, she knows that
but she is elemental, fairy and musk, she has to dance this dance
she has to present her gifts, raw and naked that they be
she has no choice but to do her best.
At last, she ends and sits across from me - meeting my eyes and knowing
that I sit here once again to remind myself of her even if today is not
the day of my going. I kiss her with my eyes and then I rise
with heart filled by seeing this joyful and mysterious one.
The wind lifts up and fly I must back to bed where my body rests.

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