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Friday, May 6, 2011

Oh Baby, Oh Baby Oh

Your eyes are like marbles, you know the kind everyone likes to trade
Their sockets appear worn, from overuse or abuse, who would know
You make Zombies look good but as long as there is whiskey
I am not going anywhere.
What is that smell - did something die
The mess on the floor covers the mess within
the wall. Did you forget to clean for about a year?
Now things are getting serious - we open the last
fifth of Jack or was it Jim, Johnny Walker is lying empty on the floor.
I think I have succeeded in forgetting whatever I was trying to forget
What was your name again ? Strange the refuge, we take in emotional storms.
I lie with you, telling you you are not so bad
That your hair looks good for being a bunch of snakes,
Is something living there amongst them ? No. it is
not living anymore. You have a face that turns men to stone but
I have no worries - I have stopped being a man a long time ago.

©Frank Coughlin May 2011

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