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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bad Poetry - a bad poem about Poetry

This is a poem as simple as can be
This a poem about poetry

When something needs to said
tactfully please - we use poetry instead

Poetry is a place tranquil and serene
yet also dangerous and mean

In poetry, we say what we mean meant
allusion, metaphor, and language disguise intent

We rhyme because we think it is easy
like riding a roller coaster and getting queasy

Poetry is the stuff of song
lyrics and chorus stuck in our head all day long

Poetry is tedious and precise
meter and feet and checking it twice

Poetry is rant and rave
confessional - things we should have kept silent to the grave

Poetry is political and fiery and fierce
Spoken from the mountain top - at hearts to pierce

Poetry is personal, tender and dear
kept private to keep from thinking your queer

Your poetry is yours, your way is the right way
That is unless you want your poems to earn their pay

then you have to do them their way - the publishers that is
which is the subject of whole 'nother thesis

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