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Saturday, May 14, 2011

One Night

Moonlight on foreheads
still wet from rolling in the grass
the air is chilling ever so slightly now
an excuse to share the warmth of each other
Don't even bother thinking of tomorrow - your hands are wrapped up in her today
Her eyes are forever, pulling you closer, her lips meet you half-way
there is a melting of form or at least how you used to define yourselves
you ended at your fingertips, you ended at your toes
but no more - your limits have opened and you feel one
together, a merger not a take-over,  a link with eternity as in no boundaries
you two feel and are part of the same - union
the buzz is electric - it is as if you are insanely huge - you swear you can touch the sky
and it touches back - whoa boy, whoa girl - what have you done - magic I am sure

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