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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This Storm Won't Pass

Getting her words worth, she spins the volume button
till insanely loud becomes the norm, she figures now you will listen
And even better than listening - her desired action - you doing the action part
she doing the resultant 'humph' which suffices for thank you
such that it is - a vast relief - flash floods its silence over all the premises
The howling wind signals her departure by slamming the door
Like bombing victims, we emerge from our fox hole
examine the surrounding damage from kicks and fists
Verbs leave deeper scars than can be immediately seen, don't you know
The walls have survived, changed forever by lashes of tongue and anger
She is gone for now - we laugh and analyze - maybe the result of too much sugar
Or too much indulgence by others - we all know what we know
 What we do not know is what to do with this knowing - we are blind towards action
We throw out 'shoulds' as in she should, they should, we should - into the air
We watch our ideas to see what floats and what does not
Certain in only one thing - we have not seen the end yet
the golden light of realization has not broken through these storm clouds
She does not get 'it' - she does not see - she only knows this way to be

©Frank Coughlin May 2011

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