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Sunday, May 1, 2011


Now the above word is a new word for me
an accidental typo or Freudian slip
still the word seems less daunting than Fear,
four letters that paralyze me
while Heart is five letters that
stimulate me
Heart and Fear please hold
hands, there is room together
for you both,
Fear painted is dark colors of
black and blood red and monstrous forms
that leer evil grins
Heart painted is the red of passion,
warmth of pulsating aliveness
I choose to paint them both
they dance and struggle with one another
seeking dominance
stop I say unity and balance is what
I strive for and so shall you.
Blacks and reds merge turning into
blackened reds and reddish blacks
My sweat and blood joins my spiritual canvas
for I want my whole self leaping in
Tears too form puddles and the
paint swirls like a tornado building
force twirling me like Dorothy around
and around I feel the madness within me
being ripped out, sucked out like snake
I am in charge of my destiny and FEART
birthed into my vocabulary is

©Beverly Bronson May 2011


  1. my ego thinks it lives
    but i think i do not
    i simply exist half asleep
    as waking up is hard

  2. i wander about in wonder
    not knowing where to go
    all ends up in circles
    i wonder why i am here
    they say there's a purpose
    maybe so, i do not know !!