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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Waves of Heaven

Waves of Heaven By Frank Coughlin April 2011

In this poem, we will make love

First we make contact

Meeting as sea does to shore

Forget all lies said before

Skipping ahead to the good part

Between both arms and satin sheets

A parade of waves, the water of my words

She is the shore, my beach and more

Touch becomes key, is it possible to be touched and not to touch back

or is touch something that happens both ways always

Beach touches sea, wave after wave,

We are driven blind in our effort to see

what is constant - we give it a name

we call it sensuality - I call it being aware

of your touch, of my touch, of where the borders blur

a place where sea is not sea, beach is not beach

this sandy water solution where he merges with she

we both allow in the same sense nature allows water to touch the land

Now skipping to best part - the giving part

To give one must release

the tide release water, pools form

the beach releases, we call that erosion

Today's giving features a strong release

an opening up - she and he become we

and we becomes weeeeeeee as the universe

becomes our discovery

we fly - no longer beach and sea - we are

legless beings of pure being riding the waves of heaven

I fly higher, she rides longer

there is bliss until the last part

the part where we pretend we are separate again

Even the largest oldest ocean touches continent

Yin and Yang

We pretend our separation exists because everyone does

We smoke our cigarette and dress

We walk our ways back to that other thing we call life

We do not to consider what we have lost and what we have gained

I have her in me now and she has me

The waves of heaven do not cease

They rise and crest and fall away and then begin again

1 comment:

  1. This poem is not about sex. And yet it could be. It is about two people and it is about two forces - female and male - the giving and receiving that make up a wave. At least, I think it is about that.