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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


There only needs to be one.
    One bullet in the chamber.
     One finger on the trigger.
      One moment of emotion.
       One failing student.
        One hating skinhead.
         One blind bigot.
          One sociopath.
           One gang-banging getaway, complete with car.
            One person sitting on the stoop on a hot summer night.
             One person with the wrong place and the wrong time written all over them.
              One loud noise that sounds like a gunshot.
               One lucky bouncing richoet flying through the open window.
                One heart shattered via projectile motion.
And Another heart which screams and cries and vows revenge. Then it begins again.

©Frank Coughlin April 2011


  1. My question really is - do you really think you can stop Every One? Legislation is good but not a guarantee. Better to change people's eyes than to force change.

  2. I like this subject written in poetic form. Softens the blow of it all. Nice blog, will be back for more.