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Friday, April 22, 2011

The Ripple Effect

She left in the morning
leaving me alone
with my thoughts.
I thought about leaving too, 
so I called and checked available dates.
Rose was all ready and more than willing
Libby too, and she had money
Sarah was the voice of reason
You need me the most, she said.
In the end, I did nothing
the bounce back ripple hits me
What if - what if - what if
Echos of what was - could it be gone.
Knocks on the door - enter complications - it seems word gets around
like ripples in a pond, bouncing from rock to log and then some - this complication
stayed the night, consoled my broken soul, fed me and took advantage - all in good time.
Morning has come again, in the form of the day after, and guilty me waits for her.
She'll come back - but she does not - the complication awakes, greets me with a smile.
It is time to begin again.

©Frank Coughlin April 2011

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