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Monday, April 25, 2011

MOving ON

the Wheel of Fortune
Favors no one - How Zen
Yet You pretend nothing
Ever changes - truth is
Nothing Stays the same

Moon Phases In and Out
Leaving today behind
Yet You pretend no changes
are ever needed at least
those concerning you

I grew to love you
Beyond that silly first sight
So many years ago
You must have thought
I liked a certain something
about you - yet You could not
figure what it was So you
Went out of yourself
To stay the same.

I love you more than chocolate
you know the good rich dark kind
And hot coffee in the morning
has nothing on you.
A Chinese feast could not satisfy me
more than being with you.
I could not eat another bite,

Sadly the same is true with you
The chocolate makes my face break out
the coffee is bad for my heart
The Chinese food makes me fat
And our love life is flat.
The wheel of Fortune spins again
and you are nowhere to be found.

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